Shooting Myth #2 - Don't Dip The Ball

Oct 14, 2022


Last week we went over myth #1 Shoot with Ten Toes to the Rim

I recently listed to an old school coach, NBA level, yelling at a player, “Don’t dip the ball, you don’t have time for that.” I was so angry as hundreds of coaches wrote that line down and are about to create another generation of frustrated non-shooters.

Today we dispel myth #2 — “Don’t Dip The Ball.”

If you follow this piece of traditional wisdom, you’ll be a worse shooter. Today I’ll debunk what you shouldn't do, and more importantly show you what you MUST do.

You must load to explode. Great teachers focus on what you should do, and stay away from what you shouldn’t do.

Let’s zoom out for a moment.

You should have a simple, repeatable, and effective shot. That’s the goal.

  • Simple = less moving parts.
  • Repeatable = we get into the same sequence as much as possible.
  • Effective = fire with our authentic mechanism, power, and speed.

When we say, “Don’t Dip The Ball,” we’re basically saying, “Shoot a different shot every single time.” It’s ludicrous. It’s not how anyone becomes automatic at anything. EVER!

Great shooters are mindful until it becomes automatic. Dipping the ball helps you achieve this. Dipping the ball = loading. The load point is when everything is at its lowest point.

Shooting is simple, just lock, load, and fire.

Lock = prior to the catch. Lock in your mind, eye, and commitment to shoot your authentic shot as soon as the ball hits your hands. Lock in before you have the ball.

Being locked is a physical expression of a mental state of readiness and commitment.

The best shooters expect to shoot before the catch. Being locked helps you execute no matter the read.

Being locked and loaded allows you to be a reading machine. If you lock & load and the D takes away your shot, you’re in a position to explode off the bounce.

Load = what we do on the catch (many people misinterpret this for a dip – because their focus is on the ball).

We load everything the same way as often as possible to get into the same sequence. All the variables of movement, defense, dribbles, bad passes, and balance are introduced by a game atmosphere that hinders shooting with a repeatable sequence.

Fire = execute your authentic shot, smooth, sequenced and in line with the target.

This movement is automatic. Most shooting form and coaching focuses on the fire and how you fire the weapon, but that’s not the most effective place to put your focus.

When shooting a weapon, most of the process of aiming happens before you pull the trigger. Once you fire, the mechanism can’t be stopped.

We should shoot a basketball the same way. 90% of the effort is done before you fire, the rest is just physics.

We normalize the chaos by getting to the same load point on every shot, that’s how we can shoot a repeatable, powerful and in sequence shot more often.

Your load triggers your sequence. It could be from a gather, off of the dribble, or from a pass.

It’s impossible to fire the same way if you don’t load to the same point. You must load to fire.

To become a great shooter, you have to ask yourself, “Can I get to the same load point (dip) every single time so I can fire up through my sequence? Can I fire the same way?”

Dipping is just loading.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

If you do not load, you will lack the power and rhythm to get thy buckets. – SAVI 2:16

When you don't let someone load, there’s no way they’ll have power or a repeatable sequence.

When should players really eliminate the load?

Eliminating the load is a creative variation that comes at the end of a long shooting journey when players don’t have any time to load.

And most of the time, if players don’t have time to load, they shouldn't be shooting anyways!

Principle: Dipping is loading. If you don’t dip, you’re unloaded. If you’re unloaded, you can’t fire effectively. If you can’t fire effectively, you won’t make shots. It’s that simple.

Still unconvinced? Here’s four reasons to DIP 👇

  1. Dip for rhythm
  2. Dip for power
  3. Dip for speed
  4. Dip for BUCKETS

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That’s SAVI, Wisdom Applied. And I’m Tyler Coston.

I’m here to help.

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