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Aug 27, 2022


Are you an effective coach?

Effective coaches care about shot selection. Your team’s shot selection is the greatest indicator of your coaching. It’s THE greatest factor in whether or not you win games. This shot scale will simplify your expectations and align your program on the definition of “good” and “bad” shots. SIMPLICITY WINS. Let’s simplify and improve your team’s shot selection.


High Clarity = High Performance

A shot is either good or bad when it leaves the hand, not when it goes in or out. Shot selection and shot generation are painfully obvious to the savvy observer. It tells me what type of coach you are within 5 minutes of watching your team play. Elite coaches teach shot selection well. Here are three ways you can improve your teams shot selection this season.


1. Daily Conversation

That which you allow, you encourage. Every drill, scrimmage, and game must start and end with shots you take. Every player and coach on your team must know what shots you want to get. You must have a common language that is more specific than good shot and bad shot. Have a conversation about shot selection everyday. Don’t wait until the biggest game of your season to try and develop a ruthless attention to detail in this area. If you wait until it hurts, it’ll be too late. Dig the well before you’re thirsty.


2. Role Identification

The third layer of the Race and Space offense is devoted to teaching the principle of shot selection and read options to players. Look, life’s not fair. Not everyone get’s to shoot the same shots or have the same options on offense. Your ability to limit the shots and reads players can make will determine how successful your team is. Your leadership will be tested against your ability to create buy-in to the shots and reads you allow players to take. Great coaches identify accurately, communicate clearly, and lead effectively.


3. Coach Through Celebrations

“Don’t dribble to the corner! Don’t foul! Don’t turn it over. Don’t gamble for that steal.” Coach from the world of DO’s, not the world of DONT’S. Don’ts lead to fear and inaction, they fail to provide a solution. Coaching from DO’s leads to action, aggression, and experimentation.

Do - Celebrate the 1 GREAT shot your team took.

Don’t - Rant about the 6 terrible shots they took.

The more you say “DO,” the more you’ll move the needle. “Do that again, I love that decision! Shoot that every time, that’s a great shot for you! That’s a great pass, keep making those!” Limit your negative feedback and put effort to look for things to celebrate. This style of coaching will help you reach your desired outcomes. You’ll be amazed. Focus on celebrations, not eliminations.


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