Rules for Leading #5 - Tear Up Your Body

May 17, 2022

Do these three things and you'll win the day. Do them consistently and they’ll change your life.

  • Sweat
  • Pray
  • Create

When I do those things, I feel great. Because I know I will have lived a full day, served my community well, and moved my heart in the right direction. Doing those things change my whole state in the moment. Change can happen in just a moment. I hope change happens for you. Enjoy.


#5 - Tear up your Body 

One of the leaders I follow gained my respect in a single moment. He isn’t a coach, though he does provide correction. He isn’t a business leader, though he does provide employment. He isn’t an athlete, though he does like to tear up his body and train like one. I had just listened to him speak. He was honest, vulnerable and inspiring. I walked up to him to thank him for the message and we began talking about working out. He said, “I love to get in the gym and just TEAR UP MY BODY!” That phrase stuck with me, and in that moment, I respected him more. 

I knew he willingly went through pain to achieve something he valued. That’s admirable.

I knew he understood the value of health and energy. I trusted he wouldn’t shy away from a battle he believed in. I knew he valued strength and established habits to ensure he stayed strong. No leader can get their team to walk a path they are unwilling to step upon. Are you willing to tear up your body? There is a powerful correlation between a strong body and a sound mind.



1. Eat to live -

Many of us live to eat. We eat for pleasure, not energy. Tear up your body with the choices in your diet. So many coaches, especially in season, make poor food choices. They suffer and so does their energy. To be your best, eat to live.

2. Go for a walk -

Make getting outside early in the morning a priority. Make it a daily practice. Breathe, move, and think. Motion is the body’s lotion. You will feel, think, and lead better.

3. Lift -

The benefits of strength are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Do 10 push ups a day before going to bed (or after your morning walk). Your body, your team, and your spouse will thank you ;)

I’m here to help,


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