Rules for Leading #3 - Implement Feedback

May 02, 2022

Let’s dominate this week! I’m 41 years of age and my Dad still makes me lists of things he thinks I need to do. While I know he has plenty of wisdom to bring to the table, I find myself smiling and nodding while @coston_jeff tells me what I should do with my life. I am not thinking how to achieve what he is telling me. I’m trying to stay engaged until he’s done. I just want him to feel heard, I don’t want to do what he’s saying. Don’t DM him on twitter and tell him. I’m still scared of my Dad ;) This week, that all changed.


#3 - Implement Feedback


When getting feedback, most of us are really good at looking people in the eye, nodding and even giving a verbal affirmative. Most of us suck at actually making a change. Do you consistently ask for feedback from your team? Do you deeply evaluate it, discover blind spots and take different action because of it?


1. Survey - Establish consistent methods to gather feedback on your leadership, team performance, and areas of improvement. One reflection at the end of the season is not enough to take action and see impact.

2. Transparency - Be open with the feedback received and the course of action you intend to implement.

3. Test - Measure what you were doing before and apply the same measurement to the adjusted course of action. Make data driven decisions and remove as much emotion from the process as possible.

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