Rules for Leading #2 - Expose Your Neck

Apr 22, 2022

To be an open leader and create a culture of improvement, practice vulnerability and transparency. Keep fighting. Remember, it's worth it. 

#2 - Expose Your Neck

This idiom is said to have originated from the practice of stretching out the neck of a turkey to kill and butcher it. The definition reads: “To bravely say or do something that might be criticized or might turn out to be wrong.”

Most leaders are uncomfortable exposing their most armored and vulnerable parts. Why? Because it hurts like hell. Your unwillingness to expose your neck with your team is likely what’s holding you back from taking your team to a new level of trust and transparency. Just remember to call your shot. Tell those you are leading why you are putting it on the line for them. When you do this, it is one of the most powerful ways to build a culture that is others-focused.


          1. Fear - Be vulnerable with what frightens you, makes you nervous or embarrasses you. This transparency will build trust with your team.

          2. Failure - Be honest about your mistakes. This will normalize a culture of improvement over perfection. It will lead to rapid growth.

          3. Ignorance - Say, “I don’t know.” Only the best leaders use these three beautiful words. This will encourage participation in the problem solving process and build a true sense of team.

To be a better and more transparent leader, expose your neck. 

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