Authority and Discipline

Nov 18, 2022

Most people want to pursue excellence but lack the discipline to make lasting changes.

Have you ever wanted something but spent months or even years without seeing any significant change?

 If this is you, you either lack an authority in your life or you haven’t fully committed.

We live in a culture of comfort, it’s assaulting your eyes and seeping into your body. We’re conditioned to crave the numbing effects of pleasant consumption. It’s easier to live a life of leisure and entertainment in our culture today compared to any other time in human history. We have endless entertainment in our hands 24/7 and can binge, order and scroll anything we crave. Our culture rejects boundaries, rules, and absolutes while glorifying individualism and the pursuit of comfort. The pursuit of comfort elevates your own selfish desires over the needs of others. When all a person is pursuing is their own best interest they are eroding their own discipline.

Discipline is doing something hard, over and over again, when no one is watching and especially when it’s in opposition to your feelings.

We think we want the unchained experience to make all our own decisions with only our own interest. We want to shoot the shots we want, spend time how we want, have enough money to buy what we want and a community that lets us be who we want.

When left to our own devices we don’t grow and it leaves us to choke on the excess of our own appetite.

The solution is simple. Give up your perceived rights and submit to an external authority. We can’t discipline ourselves, we don’t have the strength. Your path to true freedom is to put your sense of entitlement to death. When you choose to give up the pursuit of your own best interest and choose an external authority to submit to, you will flourish.

Once you give up your entitlement to comfort, you will experience a feeling of relief, purpose and joy. What you will find, once you choose an authority, is that you have the guardrails up in your life to direct you to go fast and go far in the direction you choose. Your agency is in the choosing of the direction and the path.

Once you submit, you’ll be free to fly.

This is the beauty of a team. You choose to be a part of one, that’s your agency. The cost is yourself. You give up your selfish desires and choose to elevate the needs of the team. The authority is the identity of that team. When a group of people choose to sacrifice themselves for a greater authority, they can go fast and far.

The real reason a team is a so powerful, is that it lends a strength of discipline to each individual they could not duplicate on their own. The discipline of accountability to a higher power is what elevates each individual and therefore the group.

The same goes for any type of team, whether a family, a marriage, a business or a community.

Who or what is your authority in these five key areas?

Faith - why are you here and what do you believe?

Family - who is your team and what is their purpose?

Fitness - how do you build health and energy?

Finances - what is financial freedom and how do you get it?

Focus - what are you building and how do you add value?

When you have submitted to an authority in these areas, you will find the discipline you’ve been lacking for years. You will experience true freedom that can only come from giving up your rights to something bigger than you.

And by the end, you will find that you will have gotten what you truly want.

SAVI is a community of people who want to grow. We know that how you do anything is how you do everything.

The I in SAVI is to remind us that we are choosing our IDENTITY with each decision we make. What you choose to believe about each of the 5 things listed above will determine you identity. The authority you submit to will determine your discipline. Your authority and discipline will determine your destiny. Choose wisely.

We’re here to help.


No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Hebrews 12:11

Adversity strengthens and so I am trained by discipline.

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