The Day You Became a Better Shooter

Oct 04, 2022

You’ve been lied to.


Perfect shooting form does exist. But it’s not what you think.


Here’s the truth 👇 


First, let’s zoom out. 


Teaching “proper” shooting form hurts shooting development more than it helps.

Form doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does. 

Too often, we equate good shooting with good form.

Over the next few weeks I'll dispel shooting myths in order to help you unlearn what’s obstructing your shooting potential.


This might be the moment everything changes for you as a shooter. I’m excited for you. 


The intent of shooting is to make shots in real games. That's it.

Too many coaches think that a focus on form will be what helps you do this. 

But, it won’t… Because, form follows function. 

Put simply, Function first, form second.  


Function = The ability to generate power and shoot the ball in a straight line.

Form = The generally accepted best or proper technique.


When you focus on what your shot should look like, you sacrifice what will allow you to make shots in real games.

What’s that? Power generation and relevant experience.


(Socrates said that the definition of terms is the beginning of wisdom. SAVI is wisdom applied so we define our terms).


Power Generation = The ability to efficiently and repeatedly deliver the ball to the basket.

Relevant Experience = All movements that have informed long term motor skills.


If we yank a person's shot from what they authentically do, to what is seen as “proper” form we eliminate their relevant experience. This doesn’t add anything to their shot, besides YEARS of frustration and confusion.


For example, two coaches watch a player shoot:


The beginner – most likely you ;) watches and thinks: Wow, that’s an ugly shot. It’s so abnormal, how is it going in?

The expert – humbly myself ;) watches and thinks: Where in their relevant experience did they learn to generate power that way? 


So, how can this player have (what some would call) awful form and still not miss?!

It’s because they don’t focus on shooting form. Others may say their shot is “ugly” but if the player is generating power and shooting the ball in a straight line… Then, respectfully shut the hell up.


When we make small adjustments within their relevant experience to generate power more efficiently, and shoot more repeatedly, they’ll make more shots!

When you forget all the shooting myths and put function first, you’ll become confident and delighted with the results. 

When you put function over form, your shot will feel EASY, REPEATABLE, and best of all, you’ll MAKE MORE of them. 


Shooting myths are dangerous because they put undeserved focus on form.


No player has ever shot better in-game by focusing on their form. 


So, what does this mean for you coaches?


-   Quit teaching form at the expense of function. 

-   Quit thinking you’re going to fix someone's shot. 

-   You don’t fix someone’s shot, you help them discover it. 


Over the next few weeks discover your authentic shot as we debunk 10 common shooting myths. 


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