Start with WHY to Find a Better Way

Aug 19, 2022


I was scared. I had been nervous before big games, but never scared. We were searched for weapons and told not to pass anything to the inmates or we would risk imprisonment ourselves. We waited in a small hallway outside of the max security block, listening to hundreds of raucous inmates on the other side of the block wall.

We were about to play a basketball game against an all-star team comprised of prisoners sentenced for 30 years to life for serious crimes, including murder.

I had a different kind of nervousness for this game. The entire max security block was watching, the court was rough, surrounded by cells overlooking the pavement. The tops of the walls were covered in barbed wire. It was surreal. It was more than scary to be playing basketball against these men, in these conditions, with the guards and other prisoners watching. I felt like I was in a Hollywood movie where someone's about to die and I was the expendable character. In that moment, when things were unclear and my vision was clouded by doubt, I had a moment of clarity.


Wait...WHAT am I even doing here? 

These questions overwhelmed my mind as we walked onto the uneven blacktop to play the prison game… How do I feel looking a killer in the eye? Why am I about to share a game with people who have committed terrible crimes? How in the world can I fist bump and hug men who I’d be nervous to meet on the street?


When in doubt, ZOOM OUT

I paused and prayed. God reminded me that no person is beyond redemption. He reminded me that all have sinned and fallen short. I’m on a mission to spread the light and love of God through the game of basketball. I believe that regardless of what anyone has done in the past, they can change. They can be better. They can choose a new path. When I was zoomed in on how I felt in the moment… I was agitated, confused, and fearful. When I zoomed out to my core beliefs… Things became crystal clear. We played the most memorable game of my life. We shared the good news of hope and redemption. Lives were changed, myself included.


When in doubt, REMEMBER YOUR WHY

In any moment of doubt, fear or confusion, the solution is to zoom out and remember your WHY. When you do, you’ll often find a new way, new perspective, and deeper determination. On your journey there will be many times where you don’t know the right path to take and you feel discouraged. In your season, you will lose sight of where you’re going and feel like you’re making no progress at all. There will be times where you lack energy and don’t want to give your best. Zoom out and remember your WHY. You’ll be glad you did.


I’m here to help,


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